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Local Pool Heating

Local Pool Heating

As Sydney’s local pool heating specialists we offer a complete range of pool heating systems which means, we can heat your pool this week and have you swimming in no time! Local Pool Heating has been providing quality solar pool heating systems for the past 20 years.  Heating your pool will extend your swim season and a heated pool also adds value to your home.

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Our pool heating consultants, installation and service teams cover all areas of Sydney and most surrounding regions.  We are available for consultation 5 days a week and we do offer late afternoon appointments.  Contact us today on 1300 724 132

Does pool heating work in Sydney?

In Sydney, pool temps change dramatically throughout the year, it is important to assess your desired swim temps and your preferred swim times to ensure you get the right heating system.

Solar Pool Heating Sydney

Solar Pool Heating SydneyTypically, using solar pool heating in Sydney you can expect to swim up to 7 months a year at 27 degrees plus without a blanket. Adding a pool blanket will extend your solar pool heating system to upto 8 months a year.  At Local Pool Heating we have complete range of solar pool heating products including Panel and Strip systems.

Gas Pool Heating

Gas Pool Heating in Sydney is very popular.  Gas heating units are easy to install and you have the options of using bottled gas (LPG)or natural gas.  Gas heating is a guaranteed temperature for your desired temp; it’s great for fast heat up times and is suitable both pools and spas.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are also popular way of heating your pool, heat pumps are designed to run as a season extender or all year round and are the perfect unit for heating your pool through winter.  Heat pumps work like a reverse cycle airconditioner for your pool, heating your pool to the temp you want.  Heat pumps can be used in conjunction with solar pool heating to halve the amount of running costs.

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  • Local Pool Heating installed the solar heating panels on our slate tiled roof at the beginning of this year (2010). We live by the sea at Sandon Point, which is a Category 4 wind area. Since the installation we have had extremely windy conditions (including the Father’s Day windstorm of September 6). On one occasion it was so windy that a downpipe ripped away from the guttering on the roof and the sarking under the tiles was vibrating noisily.

    Despite these conditions we have had absolutely no problem with the solar panels installed by Local Pool Heating. They are neatly sitting exactly as they were when they first installed them.

    We have no hesitation in recommending this particular system, as installed by Local Pool Heating, to anyone in a high wind area.
    Rod & Sharyn Sutherland


Extend your swim season with solar pool heating. We have both Panel and Strip systems available.

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We have been involved with heating pools in Sydney for over 20 years.

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